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Home remedies

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Think about all the great home remedies that people mentioned here like coconut oil, ginger, baking soda,…and go to the stores and what do you see but a vast array of these items in products everywhere. Everyone jumped on the “natural” bandwagon and are now selling it for 10 times what you can make it for without the additives and stabilizers. I love to browse DIY hacks on the internet. Some work and some don’t. @parus mentioned coconut oil for dry mouth.
I never thought of that and I cook with coconut oil and made a coconut oil and liquid Vitamin E moisturizer that I still use. Ginger is amazing for stomach upsets.

Abreeva, which is an expensive cold sore remedy is a great pimple slayer…works overnight. Apple cider vinegar and water is a great ear rinse.

I think we should start a DIY and hack discussion and everyone can tell us about their own home remedies. I am going to start trying the coconut oil spray for dry mouth. I have a pantry full of vinegars and oils.

I clean my 2 inch white blinds with dryer sheets. What else do you guys do?

This is fun. Thanks for bring it into the light.

FL Mary

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@imallers I love the old time remedies and yes they are cheaper then whats at the store. Here,s one for you . I have nosebleeds due to dry nose and a broken cartilage , I did go and get it cauterized several times but now thanks to google I use vinegar on a q tip and insert it for a few minutes yes it burns at first but just a little time and cauterizes the problem That's my tip for now.

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