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Thank you. Yes it is hyperparathyroid, her body produces too much calcium. it is affecting her joints, hands, and since the shot, pain in that arm. It prevents her from exercising which doesn't help with her weight. She wants to exercise but she cannot keep up. Her mood is bad due to not feeling well. The doctor had her set up to see an endocrinologist but that isn't for a couple of months. My wife is in her mid 50s and I am upset they did this without my knowledge. My wife's thinking is not 100% right now. She would like me to take over the decision making for her temporarily (I am not afraid to ask questions or go over the doctors head if needed). My thought is that the doc should have consulted with the specialist before any vaccination. (she got the flu shot the same day).

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The HIPPA law says your wife can sign a paper giving you all the information from the doctor so you can help with the decisions. Then the doctors must share all the information with you on her health problems. Check it out. My husband would not sign and the doctors would not tell me anything but sent home insulin syringes for me to administer. My husband wouldn't allow that so his diabetes was not controlled and he died a terrible death from cancer that he did not cooperate in treating. Get that permission paper signed. Dorisena

@mhough58 I make it a habit to get only one vaccination at an office visit. I generally wait for at least a couple of weeks before getting another. You don't mention how long ago her vaccinations were, but whenever I get a vaccination, I always feel achy and have flu-like symptoms for several days. Perhaps the problems your wife is having are just temporary but you should certainly call your doctor's office and mention her symptoms and your concerns.

Seeing an endocrinologist is a very good idea. You said in your first post that your wife's thyroid had been removed. Was this because of cancer or another problem?

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