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@azkidney57 I am glad you got the results, even though you had to do things not expected. When I have been confronted by this type of lack-of-response to my quest for results, I also have complained. Do it in writing, and keep a copy. Address the complaint to the administrator of the center. A tactic that I found works well, is to ask the person to place themselves in your shoes, or how how would they want their sister/brother/elderly aunt treated? Would they be satisfied to hear that a relative had the same experience you had? I bet not! That has actually worked for me a few times, and generated an apology and change in methods. Like you said, you have enough on your plate right now. Learn to be your own advocate, and free yourself of as much stress as possible. Now, get out and breathe in fresh air!

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Thank you Ginger I will write a letter! I never thought of putting things in writing. Excellent suggestion. I am so grateful you are here to help! You are so very helpful. I love this site. Everyone is so helpful! It means so much to be validated! 😊

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