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Findings in recent mamogram??

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@elsie37 , thank you for your encouragement. So wonderful your ok!
I've been a patient at Mayo for several years, other issues. I think they take precautions with me, but yes, they are absolutely thorough...no stone unturned. Sometimes I get annoyed because I ALWAYS get called back for further tests. This mamogram is my 1st there, and I'm told its pretty common they may want a repeat mamogram. I have an appointment Tuesday Nov, 12th...mamogram and ultrasound. I'm not afraid...been down these paths of tests, and worrying or running progressions wreaks havoc on me! I'm not entertaining negative thoughts when all may be well. Should anything be wrong...I'll cross that bridge then. All said, none of this is easy, and I'm kinda aggravated.

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@dazlin I've had two mammograms since my second surgery and radiation. The first was fine and the second one is questionable so I'll be having another one in January. Should anyone have had surgery and tender (I had partial mastectomies), ask the tech if they can hand turn the machinery down - it makes mammography so much easier after all that cutting. The very first one was when I still was having radiation burns and I was in tears having to have it done. The techs were wonderful and very gentle, then following that they had to do it again with magnification. Always speak up.