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Findings in recent mamogram??

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I also have dense breast and just did magnification mammo and ultrasound. I'm waiting on my doctor to call with my biopsy appointment. I have calcifications and a architectural distortion in my right breast. Don't be afraid to seek additional treatment. Due to dense breast radiologist for the most part are guessing. I've had a scare before and it all turned out ok. So far nobody has explained why I'm having biopsy. I asked for my doctor to call me and her nurse called with no information. Architectural distortion is new to me. Does anyone know what it means? How does your doctor schedule biopsy appointments? It takes forever because the radiologist has to approve the doctors request for biopsy then schedule an appointment.

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Mine were all done on the same day, both the first lesion noted and the second one, and it was the radiologists that performed the biopsies under ultrasound guidance.

@fitchick40 Architectural distortion means the normal breast tissue is distorted and the pattern is disrupted but there is no mass. No mass is good. There might be other terms to go along with "architectural distortion" to further describe it. I had a radial scar as my architectural distortion. No cancer found.

"How does your doctor schedule biopsy appointments?"

Not at Mayo where things are generally done bing, bing, bing, but at home sometimes I have called repeatedly to get the biopsy appt. Being distraught, which I actually was and was not putting on an act, helped. I also once threatened to schedule the biopsy with a competing medical institution because it was a 3 week delay after Birads 4C (more than 50% chance of cancer) on the mammogram. Good luck to you.