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Kathleen Vogel (@vogelkm)

Possible uterine polyps

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Hi, @vogelkm – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I would wonder what was going on, too, if I had so much heavy bleeding I fainted. Dealing with a year of irregular bleeding is also challenging.

Here is some Mayo Clinic information you may be interested in on uterine polyps https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/uterine-polyps/symptoms-causes/syc-20378709

It's understandable you would like to connect with others who have "been there." I'd like to introduce you to a few members who may have input for you on uterine polyps, such as @confused77 @suzette @connie1559 @kate123. Hoping they can provide some support and offer any insights from their own experiences. @baxtersmom also may have some thoughts.

When are you anticipating having the saline sonogram?

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Thanks for the reply. I've been reading the mayo information and other reliable sites, but I still feel a left with questions. I plan on bringing them up to my doctor. (I have a familial history, a previous C-section and a Paraguard IUD that we pulled in February during an aborted sonogram because it had moved and hoped that would return my bleeding to normal) I have my sonogram scheduled for the 18th of this month. I'm just hoping that this appointment works because I have yet to stop bleeding since the ER and follow up OB. The hormones that we had hoped would stop the bleeding have slowed the bleeding but have not completely stopped it. (Provera for 10 days and now a low-estrogen birth control) I find using hormones difficult because they make me irritable and other symptoms so I haven't used them in years. But as the information states that polyps are estrogen-sensitive being on estrogen birth control is making me a little more anxious. I know most of this is something for the doctor but waiting two weeks without any answers is tough.

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