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Too bad you did not say to him « sorry but I do not really understand what you are telling me would you mind to elaborate » may be next time you see him.. I can only assume that through years if being constipated you had to strain which damaged your colon which is why you are having problems especially if you have IBS on top. The diarrhea could be un-related caused by a bacterial infection.
Sometimes a barium enema helps but if you have a bug you might need antibiotics. Make sure they do not give you a dose to kill a horse which they often do.. at your weight it could damage you further plus you are already weak & the antibiotics side effects can be devastating! Stay away from Cipro & Amox. You do not need C-diff on top of your problems. May be you should see a Nutritionist who might help you to re-balance your intestinal flora. Good luck I truly sympathise with you having similar problems.

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I know. I wish I woud have asked him to explain better. Usually they send a detaied summary in my online MyChart that I can read and understand better. But there is no notes or after visit summary for my colonostomy nor after the consult. I've had bowel issues since I was a little girl and we've done diet changes, pills, powders, on & on. It's just something I have learned to live with. But by never having a colonostomy or seeing a gastroentologist, the things he is telling me I don't understand. Up to now, I've just been told, your bloodwork is fine, there's nothing to be concerned about. Take Miralax and Colace when constipated and a probiotic may help, you'll just have to try and see. Take anti-diarrheaheal when you have diarrhea. Soooo, that's what I've been doing.Til now.

Oh, by the way. The barium enema is in the hospital. I have to go on a liquid diet for 2 days. They then put barium into my colon through my rectum and take a bunch of xrays to try to see my colon better. I think they also try to insert a smaller, thinner scope to see as far as they can.