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@contentandwell I dropped the ball on this post; thanks for picking up the pieces to you and @rosemarya for adding what I omitted. Of course since I no longer have an exercise routine, I didn't say that exercise is a part of the program: food and exercise, and I probably forgot something else. I have been distracted without a dr. and things seem wrong, but I hope to figure out a way to get right again. I know my feet will not be well again, so that remains a problem. I have a friend who takes turmeric; she told me I should try it and see. I wonder if that would help at all. I don't have a dr. to ask. So I probably should not post any more answers until I can get myself straight again.
I am so grateful to have other Mentor cyber friends who pick up the slack.
Thank you so much.

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@retiredteacher Carol, I am still hoping that you find something that will give you some help with your neuropathy. Tonight I saw another post about CBD helping, this time it was ingesting it. When you see a doctor you could ask if that is something that would be OK for you, and certainly I am sure that the topical would be OK to use – if it’s ok for me I just figure it must be OK for most people, but that too should be checked with your doctor. If you no longer have a doctor you do need to find one of course.