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Hi @sony_nc that must be so confusing and uncomfortable for your daughter and so difficult for you to see her experiencing these symptoms without knowing why they are happening.

@dorisena, @mcmurf2 and @kcg all have thyroid nodules and may be able to offer support and share their experiences.

@merpreb and @baxtersmom have experience with night sweats and may also show you support as you search for answers.

Back to you @sony_nc, I think @hopeful33250 made a great point of checking the medications for side effects and getting a second opinion. Have you had a chance to look into other endocrinologists in your area?

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@sonya_nc- I agree with Ethan that it might be a medicine. I think it is especially it is very possible that any hormone pill id the offender. I would check out possible side effects with your pharmacists and then ask how she should wean off of them. Be very cautious with how to handle this if it is medicine. Any change in behavior or physical symptoms speaks very loudly that something is wrong and needs to be investigated. I'm glad that you reached out about this. If it is the pill and is active sexually she will need something else. Will she be willing to do this do you think?

I wish to clarify: I had thyroid nodules eleven years ago, was told it was cancer, and had my thyroid removed although there was not a
biopsy before the surgery. A year later I had tests to confirm that I had no cancer cells floating around. I take Synthroid at a low dose they say will prevent the risk of more cancer. The Endo likes my current blood test numbers and has dismissed me to my family doctor. My family doctor evidently blames my low energy level on diabetes and high blood pressure. I blame it on the high blood pressure medicine which makes me sleepy and unable to do daily chores. So I take less BP medicine than directed and I get by. I am eating a little more carbs than the strict low recommended plan because the doctors are satisfied with my AIC being below 7 but I really would like to reach my previous level of 6.2. I work on it from time to time and I work on my happiness level to have a good life. Dorisena

She is being seen today by another endo. Will share after appt this afternoon.