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Good morning @azkidney57, I have had my share of MRIs. Here is what helped me, at least until the first head/ brain one.
1. I schedule them as early as possible to avoid “awfulizing” all day. (I like that word, @gingerw ).
2. I accept my friend’s offer to go with me. She is a nurse and so she is able to sit in the room with me.
3. And this one is very helpful……I ask that the technician NOT touch my head or body with any part of the equipment or accessories. I keep my eyes closed. This enables me to not feel the restraining environment and jump right into claustrophobic panic. Instead I envision a favorite beach or mountain. And I will be super honest and admit that imagining great sex can cut the time and put a damper on a frightening emotional response. Give it a try and then let me know how it works so that others can benefit. May you be safe and protected. Chris

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Chris, thank you for your recommendations. I will try to schedule my next scan early. Taking a friend was something I never thought of before. I like your idea about thinking about sex, made me laugh! Thanks