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Anyone had Thyroid Nodules?

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I don't really think there actually IS a connection with pre diabetes and thyroid….I"m headed to Mayo on Tue .. will find out! AS far as Graves,,, I'm hyper with my thyroid.. had nothing to do with the nodule as far as I know.

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I am surprised to find that those with nodules aren't being associated with cancer, as mine was. I don't remember any test to determine this, but they said it was cancer and they said I had it for years. I had already survived a breast lumpectomy which was level one cancer.
I insisted on being checked for ovarian cancer twice when I had bladder repair surgery and found no sign of cancer. At my age I don't worry much about it because I eat almost no sugar to feed cancer and I love vegetables that are thought to be an anti-cancer diet. So I sleep pretty well at night and if I should get more cancer at my age, I will make plans for my demise as gracefully as possible. So far I am able to contribute in music and activities at church so I feel pretty blessed by my outcomes of the past. But now I want to read more. Dorisena

Nope. I never have had any problems with Graves disease. I had low thyroid early in my marriage and took Synthroid which didn't seem to help my energy level at all but I had lots of stress, way too much. I had to change doctors and he made me go off the pills for a month and then tested me and said I didn't need any Synthroid. He left the medical profession shortly after that and I dragged myself through the next thirty or forty years until my husband died and I had the bladder, thyroid, and diabetes issues. After I was old enough for Medicare, it seemed I received better attention to my health problems because Medicare covered the costs. I think it was a little late for the best results in health care. But that is an opinion, not a fact. That's my story and I hope it helps someone. Dorisena

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