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Anyone had Thyroid Nodules?

Diabetes & Endocrine System | Last Active: Aug 3, 2021 | Replies (36)

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May I ask you a question ? my thyroid is being removed ,, ( but not due to the nodule), but due to Graves. i am pre-diabetic, did you or do you have an issue with wt control without your thyroid? I lost 40 lbs with my Graves disease last year… was wondering if I will get it all back again? thanks..t

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Nobody ever mentioned Graves to me, so I know nothing about it. If I had lost 40 pounds when I had prediabetes, I would not have had any signs of prediabetes anymore. As it is, I lost 20 pounds when I first had prediabetes and kept it at nigh normal for a few years until it bumped up a little the last couple of years. No, having no thyroid doesn't seem to affect my weight, just eating and not exercising makes the difference. Not having stress in my life makes a huge difference in eating. I never connected thyroid problems and diabetes. I will study more. Dorisena

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