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Anyone had Thyroid Nodules?

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Yes, I had nodules on my thyroid they found when doing an ultrasound on my carotid artery. They sent me to a surgeon who said I they were cancer and I had the thyroid removed right away, damaging my vocal chord in the process, which is a common problem. They put me through a series of tests a year later and said I was cancer free, but the endocrinologist said I must stay on low thyroid to prevent possible cancer. Years before, I had radiation after breast cancer lumpectomy and I blame that for the nodules, because they used no protection on my neck area for the radiation treatments. But they are never going to admit that possibility. I drag around in life and would like a higher dose of Synthroid which I took for a while, but they say my numbers are perfect now. They blame my low energy on diabetes which I admit is part of the problem. I am doing pretty well, but don't last long when I walk or do chores. That's life. Dorisena

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May I ask you a question ? my thyroid is being removed ,, ( but not due to the nodule), but due to Graves. i am pre-diabetic, did you or do you have an issue with wt control without your thyroid? I lost 40 lbs with my Graves disease last year… was wondering if I will get it all back again? thanks..t

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