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Cfacarol, I’m on the same boat with you... I’m also on Medicare with the AARP drug supplement through United Health Care. UHC iwon’t pay very much in my state. My out of pocket cost for Exemestane is nearly $200 a month. I’ve been very pleased with my AARP drug supplement until this issue with Exemestane. I have had dreadful side effects from both Anastrozole and Tomoxifin, so my doctor switched me to Exemestane. My side effects from Exemestane are very minimal compared to the other two drugs! I have bought a 90 day supply (at that high price) of Exemestane and it should last me until January. There are other Medicare supplement plans out there that will cover it. I have an appointment in early December with a specialist in Medicare supplements. He is not an insurance agent, but an advisor who is very knowledgeable and specializes in Medicare plans and supplements. His customers, like me, pay him directly for his time and advise, rather than him getting paid a commission from the insurance companies to ‘sell’ their product. I will be reviewing what’s available for coverage for all of my prescriptions at this annual visit with him, but mostly seeing what’s available to cover Exemestane. I don’t know yet if it’s best to go to another supplement plan than the AARP plan, but I do believe knowledge is power. I intend to become as knowledgeable as I can regarding costs of Exemestane, it’s working very well for me so far and I don’t want to give it up.

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Hello @lisman1408,

This is a good time to consult with people who are experts in the area of Medicare prescription plans. I hope that you find a plan that will help make Exemestane more affordable.
When will you be meeting with the advisor?

Thank you for the response. I have researched other Medicare drug plans and some say they provide the exemestane cheaper. The lowest was around $600 per year. I am hesitant to change because The UNH care plan has been good....basically 0 copays. I do think their premium increase for 2020 is quite steep, from $28.10 to $34.20. Not really sure what to do. With my luck, I’ll switch and then end up taking an unanticipated drug that will be expensive under the new plan!