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Moving Forward with Diabetes

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I am not sure that supplements will aid in lowering blood sugar. They may help if you are not eating balanced meals and are deficient in something, however. When I gave up all bread I felt bad so I thought I was missing B-12 in my diet, so I went back to limited multi-grain bread and felt somewhat better. But only limiting the carbs and exercising more lowers my blood sugar. Also I am now living a life with relatively less stress and no pain meds which definitely keeps blood sugar from rising. Insulin shots lower blood sugar but it rises again especially if you eat big portions as I have always done. Metformin helps a little but it sometimes makes me nauseous in the morning before breakfast. One of my goals is to get off it if I can. I also try to lose some weight and keep busy on my good days. Dorisena

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I'm just hoping that by adding the supplements I don't have the big fluctuations in my numbers. I haven't been able to exercise like I want to due to my sciatic nerve flaring. Trying to keep busy. I really want to get another 10 pounds off by Christmas. Just a crazy goal. I'm trying to work whole grains and beans into my program. Just don't want to overdue. Right now I'm battling olfactory hallucinations. My sense of smell is telling me that I'm smelling diesel fuel. It's been going on for about 2 1/2 weeks now. It is continuous and can get very strong smelling. The longest it's lasted is about 7 weeks. Very frustrating. I start sneezing and get nauseated. So, what do I do….I eat more because I can smell the food and taste it. Crazy but hard to control. Nothing I can do until in goes away. Some people smell lots worse stuff. Mine usually stays with diesel fuel or several different types of burning smells. I've walked the house many times thinking something is burning. Kind of freaks my husband out. Some day I'm going to tie a diesel fuel soaked handkerchief around his neck to give him an idea of what it's like. I bet he wouldn't last an hour. Sorry to complain.