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Moving Forward with Diabetes

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@lovette26 Hi, and welcome to Connect. That's a beautiful picture of you, you look like you were headed someplace very special, all dressed up.

It sounds as if you are doing as much as you can do for your diabetes. There are many people on the Connect forum who are diabetic so I hope you will get some good suggestions. I don't know much about type 1 but I am surprised that it was diagnosed at your age, I thought for some reason that type 1 generally shows up at a younger age, as in childhood. Do you have a really good endocrinologist? I think that's imperative. When you have someone really good, someone in whom you have confidence, you can feel good with their guidance. I have an excellent one. He left my local area and is now about an hour and ten minutes away but I still go to him. I have had type 2 diabetes and was diagnosed in 2008, or around then. I am fortunate in not needing medications but I have an appointment this month and am a bit worried about it. I have been laid up for three months with a fractured femur so I am not getting my usual exercise and being home most of the I have snacked too much.

Try to not get too discouraged and just take one day at a time. I am trying to do that now, since having gotten off-track recently. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

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I was saying the same thing i thought you had to be type 1 at youth. But I'm researching for a transplant.

The two doctors are endocrinologist