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Aching legs from Small Fiber Neuropathy

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Im sorry to hear that but, yes, exactly. I have used those very words, dead weight, to describe how my legs feel to my husband. My walking is limited by both pace and distance. There have been a variety of changing sensations, feelings and discomforts. Not that I just like to sit around complaining because I don't but, dang it does indeed throw curve balls and boggle the mind. Hang in there. Im hoping comfort in numbers helps you and everyone else who posts.

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That freaks me out a bit. When diagnosed a few months ago, the FIRST question I asked the neurologist was: Will this eventually impact my mobility? Am I going to end up in a wheelchair? He did not hesitate and was very confident when he said No.

My diagnosis came about when chatting with my doctor and complaining about the weight I had gained when I quit smoking several months before. He suggested I walk to help lose weight. I told him I couldn't because of my painful feet - which had been going on for years. I then mentioned that the pain was now even waking me up in the middle of the night. Next thing I knew he had referred me for a nerve conduction test, and here I am...

Sadly, I've only had this doctor for about a year, and he told me at our last visit that he will be moving :'( I *think* another doctor is taking over his practice, but I will have to double check on that when I see him for the last time.