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Aching legs from Small Fiber Neuropathy

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I'm a little late to this discussion, but the symptoms you describe in your legs pretty much describes my feet. Truth be told, the aches and pains in my feet started YEARS before the burning set in. Medical practitioners were always trying to get me to describe and 'point' to where it hurt - but that was impossible because the pain was constantly moving from place to place, and the sensations were constantly changing. Since I've been taking Gabapentin, I've noticed that the only issues that remains with my feet is a stiffness. Even that had disappeared for the first week on 300 mg, but it has returned. Thankfully - the actual pain has not...

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It forever remains a challenge, doesn't It? My aching is part but also severe cramping, burning pain and new sensations appear. I'd like to say the Lyria, Cymbalta and hydro work however, do they really? There are so many shifts in my body with new symptoms and pains that I'm baffled but, afraid to drop any current meds out of fear things will get worse than they already are. Its sad that I dont want to get up today because I fear for my body and what the day brings. Its quite exhausting and drains me most days. Not one part of my body has been left alone for freedom. Quality of life is diminishing more than it already was and I'm patiently waiting for the next attempt at relief through medical cannabis. Im getting referred to a medical marijuana state licensed PCP. Another move, if I drop my lidocaine infusions, is plasmapherisis. I just don't know anymore...no-one speaks of this procedure on the forum so again it remains a mystery and an individual crap shoot. Will it help, won't it help??? All trial and error for each individual. I will continue to trudge on as I preach we must do and those before me remind me we must do. Im at a point now where I'm tired of masking the pain and I want to be a part of healing and forward progress...its just not time yet.