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Rachel, Volunteer Mentor (@rwinney)

Aching legs from Small Fiber Neuropathy

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@rwinney Hi again, Rachel. Even though your legs give you so much trouble, have you ever described all of your symptoms to a physical therapist? I cannot help but think that even if you are in bad shape, a physical therapist my be able to tailor exercises specifically for you. It might be worth checking into. You do not bore me in the least with your symptoms. We are all here trying to figure things out. By the way, I wake up to terrible sun burn sensations in my lower legs, every morning. It is the oddest thing, but vanishes. Today, toe pain was excruciating, and I took my Kratom, and felt way better very soon. Seems like not a lot of people try Kratom. I think it scares people. I also think you might want to check with your primary care doctor, to go over all of your symptoms. Seems like they are good at putting all symptoms together, and might at least guide you to the right specialist. In general, I have learned more here, than from my doctors. Please describe, in detail, everything. I am here to listen and help. I wish I could do more. God Bless. Being sick is no fun. Not at all. Lori Renee

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Hey there, I'm going back to my physical therapist tomorrow actually after taking a month off. He does myofacial release on various areas of my body. Tough to keep going because of co-pay costs and limited insurance approvals. My pain is not isolated to one area therefore he has to rotate body parts and I don't think each area gets the attention it deserves.

Tomorrow, I'm going to specifically talk with him about the aching in my legs and the cramping/numbness that flushes down them.

The sun burn feeling is so bizarre isn't it?

Yes, I agree there is fear with Kratom. I'm happy it brings you relief and was wondering if a Dr ever recommended it for off label use to you? Due to safety concerns, lack of studies and no FDA approval it remains a big risk. Curious how long you have been using it?

Thanks for your listening ears and big heart. It sure does help. Glad to know we can be here for each other. Take care


Hi Lori Renee. I found it interesting that you wake up with a sunburn feeling in your lower legs every morning. I am awaken early every morning with burning in my hands (sometimes feet). It is usually quite intense and I am unable to go back to sleep. It eventually passes but I sure don’t like it! Seems like a “release” of some kind but no one has been able to explain it to me yet. What do you attribute yours to? Cindy