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Rachel, Volunteer Mentor (@rwinney)

Aching legs from Small Fiber Neuropathy

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Hi Lori Renee

Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. I do appreciate it. I agree with where you are coming from regarding stretching. You have some good ideas. I stretch my legs now as it feels good, also hold them straight up (the wall excercise) to get blood flowing down. These things give temporary relief but have yet to be long term.

I began having electric shocks and sunburn sensations in my calves about 6 months ago. That was followed by bouts of my legs feeling like a cold flush was running down them.

On several occasions, mainly at night, my legs would go completely numb and feel dead. They began aching in June, which may break a day here or there. In addition to occasional waves of numbness, they also experience cramping, as have my arms. No rhyme nor reason to any of this mind you.

Sorry, don't mean to bore you with all the details but I desperately hope someone out there will validate what I'm experiencing and say, "yeah, me too!" Comfort in numbers I suppose.

I have so much nonsense throughout my body and this describes only my legs. I'll save another "new discussion" for a different day.

I'm really not a complainer nor a drama queen but this week has got me good.

Thanks again for listening. I wish you relief today. Best wishes.

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Oh and I remembered this bc it just happened…I get pain up my shin bones, like shin splints. This bone pain also happens in my foot, hands and forearms. Anyone relate, Anyone????

@rwinney Hi again, Rachel. Even though your legs give you so much trouble, have you ever described all of your symptoms to a physical therapist? I cannot help but think that even if you are in bad shape, a physical therapist my be able to tailor exercises specifically for you. It might be worth checking into. You do not bore me in the least with your symptoms. We are all here trying to figure things out. By the way, I wake up to terrible sun burn sensations in my lower legs, every morning. It is the oddest thing, but vanishes. Today, toe pain was excruciating, and I took my Kratom, and felt way better very soon. Seems like not a lot of people try Kratom. I think it scares people. I also think you might want to check with your primary care doctor, to go over all of your symptoms. Seems like they are good at putting all symptoms together, and might at least guide you to the right specialist. In general, I have learned more here, than from my doctors. Please describe, in detail, everything. I am here to listen and help. I wish I could do more. God Bless. Being sick is no fun. Not at all. Lori Renee

Preaching to the gallery. My right calf has just about disappeared, I have trouble getting up if I’m on my knees and I get pain so bad at night I just want to take a hammer and beat my legs. I’m tired from getting the attacks 2-3 nights a week and waking up in the morning wondering where my legs are.