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Rachel, Volunteer Mentor (@rwinney)

Aching legs from Small Fiber Neuropathy

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@rwinney Hi Rachel, I get very exhausted feet, but not legs. However, I do get tired legs at times, but I do not think it is from the neuropathy. I think it is more from aging. Has anyone taught you to do stretching exercises for your legs? Stretching before you walk can help quite a bit. I also had buckling knees at one point, and in PT, they said there was no problem at all with my knees, but with my leg strength. They taught me leg stretching, and the buckling stopped completely. I am wondering if stretching would build leg strength, and then you would not hurt as much. Also, I dont know if you are at all in condition to do this, but putting elastic cords around your ankles, and certain types of walking, is resisitance, and builds leg strength. Maybe PT for leg strengthening would help? This may be stupid. I dont know for sure. Because foot exercises for my foot neuropathy did nothing. If your weakness is all from the neuropathy, I have no idea if exercise would help. On YouTube. look up leg stretches, or specifically ham string, and calf stretching. Also, look up "monster walking," and see if anything comes up. This was the exercise with cords. You do it for a very short time. I am hoping if you could build your legs, you would not hurt as much. I am just so sorry for all of this. And you are so young, still! Let me know what you think. I feel your pain. I really do. What we have to bear! God Bless Lori Renee

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Hi Lori Renee

Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. I do appreciate it. I agree with where you are coming from regarding stretching. You have some good ideas. I stretch my legs now as it feels good, also hold them straight up (the wall excercise) to get blood flowing down. These things give temporary relief but have yet to be long term.

I began having electric shocks and sunburn sensations in my calves about 6 months ago. That was followed by bouts of my legs feeling like a cold flush was running down them.

On several occasions, mainly at night, my legs would go completely numb and feel dead. They began aching in June, which may break a day here or there. In addition to occasional waves of numbness, they also experience cramping, as have my arms. No rhyme nor reason to any of this mind you.

Sorry, don't mean to bore you with all the details but I desperately hope someone out there will validate what I'm experiencing and say, "yeah, me too!" Comfort in numbers I suppose.

I have so much nonsense throughout my body and this describes only my legs. I'll save another "new discussion" for a different day.

I'm really not a complainer nor a drama queen but this week has got me good.

Thanks again for listening. I wish you relief today. Best wishes.