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Good day Cathy. This diagnosis sucks. (sorry for being blunt) But you can do this - i did! I found for me (and everyone is different) the conventional along with eastern medicine and also diet worked. i did the floforinox, but could only do 5 rounds as my body could not handle the toxicity. While it shrank the tumor a bit, it prevented it from going anywhere else. during that time period i drank a lot of water called ten (you can get this at most local groceries), homemade organic chicken soup with root vegetables, homemade organic bone broth with the bone marrow, and mashed potatoes. Try and stay away from the following: dairy products, white sugar, white flour, processed foods. I also did acupuncture once a week. I also did infrared saunas once a week. hopefully where you are there is a support group- there is not one where i am, but i did find some help on line, and my local friends helped me out. Good luck with this journey.

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They told me the chemo they were going to use it might be the one you mentioned. i'm sure I'll get the name again. right now i can only focus on surgery. I want it to be Friday because the waiting is getting to me. Although the surgeon told me that a week or two would not make a difference. Seems like the days go in slow motion. Tonight I start with the skin prep. it's different this time. In previous surgery I used those wipes which were like over sized baby wipes but they have the cleanser on them this time its soap I think actually same stuff but in a bottle, tonight tomorrow night and Thursday night i do it. I have been really watching what I eat before i go in. I am drinking a lot of water too, and walking everyday. I heard chemo leaves a bad taste and everything tastes metallic. ( I'll have to wait and see). I got beef broth and chicken broth Another different thing is I am suppose to drink 8 oz of Gatorade or apple juice before going in within 2 hours, It is suppose to give me energy to help heal. it was a study done by Kaiser Permanente. They are my health provider. I'll be finding out what time I have to go in. It may be early like 0530 which is fine as i am positive i won't get much sleep the night before.