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XALKORI (crizotinib)

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I was on Carboplatin and Altima… was on the combo for 5 infustions… tumors were shrinking. then they kept me on only the Altima for 7 more infusions… the tumors were still shrinking… I just found out the chemo stopped working and the tumors are growing again and few more are appearing…however…I guess they are very small… I had my first infusion of immuno therapy of nivolumab… AKA: Optivo… a few weeks ago… hope it is going to work… even though I am not doing the same drugs… I thought I would add some insight into my therapies to maybe share drug info… hope your new therapy works well for you….

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And I, as well, hope your new treatment is effective. I start Crizotinib the first week in December. Since side effects may be disabling, my dr and I agreed it best to start after I return from a business trip to England at the end of this month. So I’m off all treatment now these past 5 weeks, for the first time since my adventure began almost 2 years ago. Sure wish my eyes and nose would stop running already!