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Neuropathy making a comeback

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Hello again all –

Thank you @johnbishop @jeffrapp @rwinney @ethanmcconkey so much for all your replies. In answer to your questions, no, I haven't been given any specific diagnosis. The first neurologist I saw said post-viral neuropathy (but there was no specific virus I had been sick with). The second neurologist I saw said neuropathy of unknown origin. I'm not taking any medications.

Last week I got all my blood test results and overall they were good. Liver/kidney function tests = normal. Full blood count, normal. Vitamin D = 60. Vitamin B12 = 605, Folate = 28, Thyroid function tests = normal. The only result that didn't come back in normal ranges is my iron studies.

My ferritin is low at 28 which is what I wanted to ask all of you about. I've had iron deficiency for last least six years although it could have been low before then but I'd never been tested for it. I was pregnant for the first time six years ago and was tested for iron as part of all the standard blood tests. Back then my ferritin was 11. It was low again the second time I was pregnant and I've been on supplements ever since but it is routinely low – the highest I ever got it through supplementation and diet was in the 30's. Last year I was tested for it again and it was 17. I've been taking a pretty heavy duty iron supplement regularly and it's still only at 28.

I asked my doctor if iron deficiency can cause my burning/tingling sensations and she said it's possible but she's not entirely sure. She wants me to get some iron infusions (IV iron) and see if that helps. Any thoughts on the low iron/neuropathy connection?

Thank you again for your advice.

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I am not personally aware if that connection but perhaps this link may shed some light.

Although rare as an underlying cause of neuropathy or Small Fiber Neuropathy, genetic testing can also be done to rule out a genetic disposition. Celiac and of course Diabetes can be causes as well.

Good luck and keep searching.


Hello @emcg, You mentioned that you have had iron deficiency for the past six years. Has your doctor expressed any concerns about diagnosing the cause of the iron deficiency or if it' serious? I have no medical training or background but it could be an indicator of another health issue. There is another discussion you may want to join and meet other members discussing anemia.

> Groups > Blood Cancers & Disorders > Anemia

There is also a podcast you might find helpful on the topic – Women’s Wellness: Iron deficiency:

@hopeful33250 may have some thoughts or suggestions for you.