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Tight Band Around Ribs

Digestive Health | Last Active: Jul 13, 2022 | Replies (12)

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I am wondering how you are now? I have finally found a dr who can help me and e has identified several vascular compressions that are affecting my gi organs, pelvic and heart. If anyone has questions about this and also has the tight band around their ribs especially if it gets worse after eating or excercise plese get checked by a COMPRESSION SPECIALIST not just a vascular surgeon.

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Hi I have this tight band for 3 years now and am tired of it. I don’t know what to do it gets worse and drives me crazy. It came when I started having symptoms from a hiatal hernia the hernia was repaired but the tightness remained. No one here in San Antonio can help. I’ve been running to doctors they all look at me like I am crazy. You said a compression specialist could help. Where do I begin to find one. I looked it up but not sure! Thanks greekcanadian.

Hi can you tell me more about a compression specialist. I looked here in San Antonio and not sure is this a Chiropracture, PT, or Thorasic doctor. I’m going crazy with this tightness it comes and goes and eating agrivates it who did you see?? Is yours gone?