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Tight Band Around Ribs

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@tlk I'm still working on it. You may have a rib that is twisting from tight chest wall muscles. That happens to me. How well MFR works for a person is dependent on a lot of things, first, how long and involved is the problem? Is it a problem caused by stress and the body's reaction to it, and does that source still exist in your life? Is is a posture related problem that has been caused by bad habits, and do you still have the habits? Was it caused by a physical trauma or injury? and then there is emotional trauma from things we all carry around inside us, and are we reacting subconsciously to those things or have we worked through our issues and fears? All of that causes reactions in the body. Are you self treating at home to help the therapist's progress? It's great that you are trying this therapy, and it really works, and works even better when you become an active tuned in participant.

I still am a work in progress myself. I did MFR for 3 years for my thoracic outlet syndrome and made good progress, but in the middle of all of that, in spite of treatment, I stopped progressing as my spine problem became evident, and I had to stop for spine surgery. MFR helped make that surgery easier on me because the muscles in my neck were looser and easier to retract. I've been back at MFR for a couple of years since my surgery. My therapist describes it as peeling back the layers of an onion. You don't know how many layers are there when you start. The important thing is progress, and learning good ways to improve, and doing your home exercises and stretching as your self care, and committing yourself to progress. There might be setbacks when stressful events happen in your life, but you will figure out ways to self treat when you have learned enough about it. I hope you'll share your progress as time goes on.

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That was an excellent, explanation Jennifer! I'm glad you included the part about being an 'active participant', as that is critical. Sounds like you have a good therapist.