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3 week pain clinic

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Wow, is that the fee for just the program, not including what it would cost to stay there for 3 weeks? Holy moly! It was recommended to me also, however my Mayo Dr. and I have a philosophical 'difference of opinion" in how to treat me, so I fear we will be breaking up. 😀 😀 😀 . I had some great testing there and they found some things that there are potential treatments for, and I feel further exploration could be helpful.. i.e I am interested in getting rid of my problems (if possible), not "learning how to live with pain", which I see as last resort.

I also wanted info about what this program was, and didn't get any, was told I would get that during evaluation, which I could have on the phone. I said I would do that, but they just set it up at a time a couldn't make, so when I tried to reschedule, they said I had to come in person (I'm not local).

I'm assuming it's the usual stuff.. meditation, exercise, 'stress relief', I guess there is some physical and occupational therapy.

I was worried about paying for a hotel for 3 weeks, and again, would rather explore some treatment options, but am curious to read any answers!

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I actually completed the program several years ago here in Jacksonville, Florida for Fibromyalgia which causes chronic pain among other issues and have caused me to be disabled. I found it to be very helpful and informative. The information and treatment given isn't just medical, but physical, emotional, nutritional and many other things to better improve your quality of life. Although my condition is chronic and incurable , I've been able to function without opioids and little to no pain meds during the flareups that I now suffer less of and my insurance covered my treatments.