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3 week pain clinic

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That’s what the Mayo Gastroparesis Dr is recommending for the gastroparesis

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Ginnyodie.. Oh, this was in August, hopefully you are still here.. I was reading the threads about the pain program. All of the people had orthopedic type pain or were trying to get off of opioids.

I did see this also, which I had no idea was even possible, and certainly wasn't suggested to me!!!

" About 2 months ago my doctor asked if I would consider Medical Marijuana as a treatment for my pain as it is available in Minnesota since August. I agreed and and after a brief visit with a state-approved MD who referred me to a state approved pharmacy to decide what form and dose would be best for me. It was advised I take a 50/50 mixture of THC and HBD orally twice daily and a 100% THC SL spray for breakthrough pain which I rarely need "

I know people with some GI disorders have found marijuana to be a lifesaver, i.e. Chrohn's disease, just general GI issues. I would like to explore it, but haven't been able to b/c it's not legal in my state, even medical; so I don't have anyone to work with me on what 'dose' to take, etc, But heck, I had no idea I could go to a pharmacy in MN and have someone work with me! Might be something to consider. I'm gonna ask my Mayo Dr. about this, if he's still talking to me 😀 😀 . He'll probably say no, knowing him.

Otherwise, from what I'm reading about the pain program, I don't think it would be helpful for me.