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Cochlear implant for single sided deafness

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What are the Pros and Cons between CI and CROS hearing aid?
I was told that even with single-sided deafness, CROS can help (assuming the other side of the ear is usable in terms of speech clarity). Why people choose the surgery route? What is the drawback to use CROS? I am very nervous about surgery. I just started researching CI, what is the failure rate, device replacement, water resistance, surgery recovery, side effect, etc.

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Hi @btpanda, I moved your question about the pros and cons of a Cochlear Implant vs CROS hearing aids for single-side deafness to this discussion that @golden418 started. Click VIEW & REPLY to read through the past messages.

I'm also tagging @editored @julieo4 @bobbiefriend @golden418 and @imallears as I believe they have experiences with Phonak CROS or Bi-CROS to share and thoughts on the questions you ask about surgery or the possible drawbacks to CROS.

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