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Migizii it seems to me you're doin' it right and getting results. When I first started using the device I just kinda went at it like, as I'm prone to say, "a Boy Scout," meaning dutifully complying with the prescribed schedule. I guess that has paid off. The single time I decided to not take it with me on 4-day trip I promptly had a bronchitis flare-up. Made a believer of me. Don't know if it was simply coincidence, but I'm loath to risk it by experimenting with another "vacation." Let me ask you, when you mention it clearing mucus does that happen during or soon after the treatment session In my case I do bring up mucus but it is entirely unrelated in time with the treatment session. I've always just assumed that the periodic coughing and spitting episodes wouldn't be as productive absent the use of the vest. The goofy thing is though, that I had coughing and spitting episodes before ever getting the vest. Go figure. Lots of puzzling questions crop up with this ailment.

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Hi thumperguy, thanks for the compliment on my compliance but I too take random, very short breaks when I can’t muster motivation😔. I could not bring up any mucus prior to using the vest but had a pretty consistent dry cough. The combination of nebulizing and the vest tend to bring up the mucus for me and then sometimes for a little while afterwards. Periodically, during the day I still have my dry cough and rarely some spitting. That’s how it goes for me anyway. Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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