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You are preparing me for my future. Your cat sounds very smart! Have you considered the Life Alert they advertise on TV in case you fall and can't get up. I believe it is worn on a cord. I wonder if a government program supports assistance in paying for this if needed. My grandmother fell in her shower and although my father called her every evening because of her age and living alone, she had to lay on the shower floor overnight with water running by then cold until the next evening when he called. When she didn't pick up he had a 30 minute drive to check on her. Poor dear Mimi. Her issue was different, she fell because of osteoporosis, her hip joint just gave way.

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Yes, I think I’m going to look into that. I try to have my phone with me at all times, but sometimes I don’t. My father had similar situation, but I guess I should be thankful, he waited three hours before I got there when he didn’t answer the phone.
They have a service in my community where I would call them everyday, and if I don’t, they’d call me/check on me. My son (lives in another state), said, knowing me, I’d forget to call, lol.

@gardeningjunkie your poor grandmother. I don’t people realize just how serious osteoporosis is unless they have been confronted with it. Now that I know that I have it, I am quite concerned about falling.

@bengalady that’s a really great service to have. I knew a woman whose father had apparently been dead for two weeks in his home before anyone realized it. Shame on her for not being more in touch with her father.

I hope you do get to another orthopedic surgeon for another opinion. I just do not think a person should have to endure such pain following a surgery that is supposed to help. There has to be a cause, and when that cause is finally discovered, hopefully a fix.