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Well, went to the pain doctor today. He said something about "Complex Regional Pain Syndrome" I think that's the term they use, when they can't figure it out ? Gave me Tylenol #3, and Gabapentin for now. He mentioned the Norco, but I said no. He ordered a bone scan. He also asked me what my Ortho doc said, or did he order an MRI. I said no, ect. He said I need another Orthopedic Doctor, he will give me a referral. I just want to get to the bottom of this. This is especially why I don't want the other knee done, I'm too scared of being incapacitated. I haven't been able to kneel for many years now. My cat knows that, so he goes under the bed when I want him, or am mad about something. If I ever got down on the ground somehow, no, I wouldn't be able to get up. I live alone, worry about that sometimes. It would be so nice to take a nice hot bath !!!

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You are preparing me for my future. Your cat sounds very smart! Have you considered the Life Alert they advertise on TV in case you fall and can't get up. I believe it is worn on a cord. I wonder if a government program supports assistance in paying for this if needed. My grandmother fell in her shower and although my father called her every evening because of her age and living alone, she had to lay on the shower floor overnight with water running by then cold until the next evening when he called. When she didn't pick up he had a 30 minute drive to check on her. Poor dear Mimi. Her issue was different, she fell because of osteoporosis, her hip joint just gave way.

@bengalady : Just happened to see your post this morning while browsing. Your comment about no being able to get up from the ground made me concerned, and curious. I’ve had a pretty successful right knee TKR 18 months ago, and I can’t kneel on that leg either. I’m lucky that I have no problems getting up or down on the floor, but - I tried to find an easy way to get off the ground, and perhaps you can try that. Get into a sitting position while on the floor, put both hands on the floor, next to your shoulders on the same side of the body, twist slightly so it looks like you want to do a push-up, rotate so you are balanced on your hands and feet (all the weight can be on your “good” leg/foot, the other one doesn’t really need to do much), and then either walk your feet toward your hands, or if that is not possible, “walk” your hands back toward your feet, and straighten up. Neither of your knees ever needs to be in contact with the ground. There you go!