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Have you had testing for food sensitivities? I used the Groupon coupon for the food sensitives test in which you send off a few hair samples for analysis. "Check My Body Health", based in England. They say it is not a dna test, but not sure what they do to test the hair. Takes 3 weeks for results. Some of the foods tested are strictly English, most Americans have never eaten Goose or Spelt. I got the middle priced test for only $35.00 which tested hundreds of foods. Truly more information than I wanted to know as now I have dozens more foods to avoid. Some I could guess for years, as I would feel icky/a bit queasy after I ate or had gas and bloating, for example more than a few ounces of milk gave me symptoms and the same with cashews in which I feel like I ate junk food afterward and yes dairy and cashews were identified as sensitivities, but plenty of others showed up which never occurred to me. For example why should I avoid turkey and lamb, but chicken and beef are safe? This test tests for at least 5 different types of apples and showed I was sensitive to all of them. I now only eat a few pieces of fruit a week because of the anti-inflammation diet I am on which avoids sugar, yes even natural, but I have never felt bad after eating an apple. I have heard apples, unlike pears contain a certain ingredient which many are sensitive to. So now I buy pears. Pears are the first fruit recommended for babies and now as I senior I feel I am having to eat baby food again. For example white rice is safe but results show brown rice isn't. I feel fine eating turkey or lamb or apples, yet am paying attention now to any sensitivity which showed up as severe, as the sensitivity is on a rating scale. This test is for food sensitivities, not allergies. One interesting confirmation of the validity of this test was the part where they check for sensitivities other than foods, like bee or wasp stings. I do know I have a bee sting allergy, no testing needed as I have had reactions. This test showed I am sensitive to bee sting, but not wasp. When filling out the questionnaire I made of point of not giving them any clues as to my history.

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I can look into that. I've been keeping a food diary, and symptoms. Doc wants me on Keto Diet, Low Fodmap, gluten free, no dairy......well, not much I can eat.