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going on 5 years with pain and swelling. Now drs said it has come lose. Fun and games. This is why i did not do my other knee and did stem cells and PRP. So far it has worked. Downside is the cost is out of pocket. Your decision. I elected no surgery and the ability to knell down when i garden etc. We are seeing more insurance coverage in our area. The local hospital now covers all its employees. Ortho surgeons are doubters.

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Did they know it came lose with X-ray ? What is PRP ? I know, I’m sick of this already . They said I need other one, and doc actually said, more pain.

Thank you. I have never heard of this treatment and it many be my only option because of allergies to metals. I can walk level without pain all day, but like you knelling is an issue.Stairs are slow but manageable. I am an active gardener and I must use a kneeling bench which I carry with me so I can get off the ground. I even have a kneeling bench for cleaning baseboards or other housework. I can use my arms to push me up. Getting out of a bath is painful and almost impossible now, but I love showers so no big deal. I feared I had no options if I deteriorate further; I'm turning 71 soon and hope to keep these knees going for another decade at least. I will look up the stem cell and PRP. Once my ortho surgeon learned of my metal allergies and I rejected the idea of the ceramic implant he recommended based up class action lawsuits because of rejection he gave me no other option.

Good for you, I’m 1 year out from stem cell/PRP by Regenexx and had no positive results. Who did your stem cell/PRP?

Same situation after revision 2018. I want a scan as nothing shows up on X-ray. I keep falling which has made pain 100 times worse. I am losing the will to live. Sometimes think it would be better to have amputation. That is how bad the pain is. I am female aged 78