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Justin, I guess I'm in the early stages of arthritis. The pain started in my left thigh and progressed up to my hip. Also, I have occasional pain in my thumbs and wrists. I'm using Voltaren Gel and Tylenol for relief. A CT scan last week confirmed my arthritis, and a hip replacement is not needed! 🙂
I'm going to try avocado-soybean unsaponifiables softgels, which I read about on the Mayo clinic website.
Thanks everyone!

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Could you post the link to the avocado-soybean article?…please come back and let us know how they work…Thanks!

Hi, I have had fibro since I was 29yrs old ( ('m 66 now). I then started with osteoarthritis in every joint in my hands/wrists in my 40's. In my 50's my spine started to affected so got a referal to the local pain clinic. About 3 yrs ago my hip and groin became so paifnul I could hardly lift my leg to walk or put weight on my other leg that was staking my weight,to get in my SUV I had to physically lift my 1st leg to get in. Anyways it turned out there are muscles that go from low back through the hip into the groin called 'Psoas' in my case it is short probably through sitting too much now I'm retired. The Dr at the pain clinic suggested 'Ablation' and hey presto I feel so much better,not perfect but no more pain in hip and groin. The nerves do grow back so the 1st one lasted a whole yr then the 2nd lasted 16mths.I just had my 3rd one and although the nerve is still a bit irritated and it can take up to 6 weeks but still I can walk now. Good luck

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