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Hello @suez, I'd like to invite @maryclaire651, @lioness, @chincoteague, @jonr, @bonnieh218, and @collielady who have discussed some sort of arthritis in their hands and may be able to share some tips on what they did to cope with the pain and functionality. I'd also like to invite @richman54660, @catmom777, and @hazelnut who have discussed arthritis in their hip as well.

@suez, if you are comfortable sharing, how severe is the arthritis you are dealing with? Are you in the early stages and hoping to find ways to cope for long-term or are you facing potential surgery or another type of treatment?

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Justin, I guess I'm in the early stages of arthritis. The pain started in my left thigh and progressed up to my hip. Also, I have occasional pain in my thumbs and wrists. I'm using Voltaren Gel and Tylenol for relief. A CT scan last week confirmed my arthritis, and a hip replacement is not needed! 🙂
I'm going to try avocado-soybean unsaponifiables softgels, which I read about on the Mayo clinic website.
Thanks everyone!

I have osteo in my hands, rt hip and both knees. In the morning my fingers are stiff, painful and swollen. While in bed I exercise my fingers doing various curls, finger to tumb, rolling my fingers in a circle motion one by one and a few other exercise. I am moving my feet as I exercise my fingers. Then, I hobble into the shower, the warm water beats down on my hands and gets them moving. I take meloxicam and use creams [any] just to keep the blood flowing from the rubbing.

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