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Bob, Alumni Mentor (@grandpabob)

Anxiety due to Cancer

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Hello @azkidney57,
What works for me when I wake up in the night, is a meditation app with bedtimes stories. At times, I will also read a book that does not interest me a lot. Both seem to work to stop my mind from racing. If you can get something to work, it will reduce any tiredness you encounter at work due to sleeplessness.

I am glad to hear that you have some friends and family that you find supportive. I found that was supportive prior to my diagnosis, is certainly not the same post diagnosis. In fairness to some, they simply do not understand how a life threatening diagnosis changes us and our priorities.

I will keep my fingers crossed that the results of your scans are in your favour.

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@grandpabob Hi Bob,
Those are all great ideas. I've also found word search puzzles (or any puzzle) to be helpful in distracting me from worry. Books are always good as is music. It is whatever works for you.