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Anxiety due to Cancer

Cancer: Managing Symptoms | Last Active: Sep 5, 2020 | Replies (27)

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@azkidney57 You're absolutely right that cancer puts a different color on your life! Some days that tint is pretty dark, some days not quite so. Do you find that, also? I have read your post a couple of times. I am presently going through my fourth type of cancer, and just this morning had another kidney biopsy before they decide which treatment plan to go with. That has nothing to do with your situation, except that I can relate! We each have the power to choose who we want in our lives. That's a heady feeling but it comes with responsibility too. There's nothing wrong in wanting to limit your exposure to certain types of people and we shouldn't have to explain. We have to do what is healthiest for us physically, emotionally, and mentally. There are some who will get it and many who won't. That's not our problem. We already have enough to deal with on our plates, right? Take care of yourself in whatever manner that maybe. Those who are our true friends and supporters will be there for us on the bright and dark days. You sound like a very giving person, having been there for your dad, your mom, and your friends. Unfortunately, sometimes that same support is not there for us when we need it. You deserve to surround yourself with those who will hold you up and lend you a shoulder or ear. I'm glad that you have found people here at Mayo Connect that you can share with, as we do try to make sure we are supportive for everyone

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Ginger everything you wrote rings true! It is the kind of validation I need. Thank you for “getting” it! This site has been a great comfort for me. I am happy I was directed here. Everyone is very supportive and I feel “safe” here.