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Anxiety due to Cancer

Cancer: Managing Symptoms | Last Active: Sep 5, 2020 | Replies (27)

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Good morning @azkidney57, Your very genuine self disclosure statement is a great step in the process of letting go. You are evaluating your life. This is a perfectly transparent example of what it means when you LET GO. Many of us have trouble accepting the realities that emerge e.g. your sensitivity to crying babies.

My decision to simplify my life was both disturbing and rewarding. Last February I made the decision to sell my home of 20 years and to release my hold on “things”. I gave away almost everything in my home….to friends, family and customers. Everything I own would now fit in a very small dresser. And I moved 1500 miles away from my family and many friends.

I turned the corner when my role on Connect was upgraded, if you will, to Mentor. I have found my new opportunity to make an impact, to use my years of experience, 77 to be exact, to assist others somewhere along this journey of letting go, moving on and living life with an anticipation of some rocking, joyful days, May you be safe and protected…..Chris

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Chris thank you for your thoughts it made sense to me. I am evaluating my life! I am taking stock. A man I had been dating left me but it was a relief! I don’t need negativity right now. I thought his departure would make me sad but it did not. I am moving on!