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Anxiety due to Cancer

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I have a tumor in my right cavernous sinus. They "think" it is a meningioma ( slow growing but large enough now for double vision, partial loss of site, extreme headaches of course and facial pain). My anxiety is that initially I was told by the oncologist that he would see me after the biopsy. So I mentally prepared for that but the neurosurgeon said it was inoperable only can do radiation. I did. 9 months later it has not shrunk and I sought a second opinion and here is where my anxiety comes in: this doctor said he would do surgery but not until surgery became less life threatening than to leave it. This he said would be in about 5 years. I've been treated for cluster headaches for over 7 years and it wasn't working so my very good headache specialist ordered yet another MRI and there was the tumor surrounding the carotid artery and sitting on the optic nerve and 2 other cranial nerves. It doesn't feel natural to wait while you know something is growing in your brain and one is in constant pain and my eye site is so bad.

More anxiety ( and some relief) by joining a Facebook group where many people where having the same experience I am; varying opinions and "facts" about this type of tumor such as radiation rarely works. Others in small town Iowa are having successful surgery.

I've learned to do relaxation with a great app and I guess I will keep seeking opinions until I feel comfortable. The oncologist I originally saw did say that a biopsy was needed because although "it was acting like a meningioma it didn't have all of the characteristics ." I know this is a cancer site so please excuse me if I am on the wrong site; I just signed up today, but the neurosurgeon said that it was too dangerous to even do a biopsy so we don't know that it is a meningioma or if it is cancerous. All I know is my eye sight is getting worse as are the headaches ( and I am sorry to complain but they can't possibly get much worse).
Anything definitive as far as an answer would relieve the extreme anxiety I'm having right now not knowing.
Thank you for listening.

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I would love the facebook group information. I am currently waiting for referral to oncology for the same and was told its inoperable and that treatment is the same whether its cancer or not.

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