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I cant remember my panic attacks

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I have the same kind of thing and every doctor I’ve seen so far has no idea. Out of the blue I’ll suddenly feel like someone is tightening a belt around my head, I start shaking and sweating and then I’ll just wake up 5 – 10 minutes later (it’s happened for 30 minutes once). But during that time apparently I’m still conscious and talking according to people that have been around me at the time. Apparently I don’t have much memory I’m pretty out of it and am not myself. Then I just click back to reality with no idea what just happened it’s extremely scary. This is also the only thing I have found on the entire internet that is relatable in any way..

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In my non medical opinion it sounds like you’re having some type of seizure.

Good morning,
Did the doctor happen to mention what type of seizure it/they were? Have you had more than one of these? You may want to continue this discussion in the seizure section. Perhaps someone there may be familiar with your symptoms.
Did you have an MRI or EEG at ER ? During this episode did you bite your tongue or cheek? Were your muscles sore? Were you tired, confused or did you sleep afterward. Do you have Diabetes? Did the emergency room doctor order you any
anti-convulsant medications?

Take care,

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