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Understanding the beginning of diabetes

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@dorisena I am thinking that you probably live in the colder areas as we do in NH. My husband would love to get out of here in the winter but he won't until we sell this house which is once again at a standstill since I cannot accomplish much while recovering from my fracture. I don't think it will happen this winter, but maybe next? We haven't thought about which warm destination we would consider yet. The advantage of Florida or somewhere south on the Atlantic coast would be that we could have our car there, the drive would probably take a few days. Southern CA is a bit far to drive and his choice would be Hawaii but that is simply too darned expensive.

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I have always loved living in Ohio where you can have a nice garden but I try to go to Florida for a short while for my health because it is there for us and it wasn't a bad drive in my younger days. Now my daughter insists I fly. I would never want to live there full time and I can tolerate the winters pretty well here if I don't try to drive in bad weather. At this point it is important to be near friends and family and my list is diminishing. Someone dies almost every week so I have to deal with the sense of loss. I am a people person. Dorisena