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Pancreatic Cancer or Something else?

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My father died of PC at 50, so I'm always on the lookout for signs in myself. About 5 years ago I began losing weight slowly. Dr. was not concerned because it was slow, but I've never gained wt back, and even lost some. 2.5 yrs ago she ordered up CT scans followed by 2 more in 2018, and nothing was found. In March 2019 she ordered a NMR scan, and nothing was found. I've had blood tests, most recently in May 2020, with only my RDW a bit high. I also had a small stroke 5.5 yrs ago resulting in some dizziness, which has never gone away. In fact, it's gotten worse–and my energy is almost depleted. I've also had tachycardia, am taking meds for it. Drs keep saying I don't have PC, keep subscribing sertraline for depression as well as heart meds. If I'd gain weight, I'd feel reassured–but I'm not. Bowel habits are a bit unusual, and I have lots of gas. Can anybody suggest a next step for me?

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Hi @ruz39 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You'll notice that I moved your message to this discussion where members shared with @sgtgrl about her suspicions of pancreatic cancer. I recommend that you click VIEW & REPLY and read through the past comments.

Ruz, having lost your father at such a young age to pancreatic cancer, I can certainly understand your concern about recent symptoms and your vigilance about monitoring them. The good news is that less than 10% of pancreatic cancer is hereditary. Has anyone else in your family had pancreatic cancer?

The frustrating part is that the symptoms you describe, such as unexplained fatigue, weight loss, gas, odd bowel habits, could be any number of issues or conditions or even a side effect of medications and/or stress. It does sound like something that should be investigated, but I wouldn't assume cancer. To help reassure yourself, you may wish to take the pancreatic cancer risk assessment test:
– Assess Your Risk https://www.pancan.org/facing-pancreatic-cancer/about-pancreatic-cancer/risk-factors/risk-assessment-test/

Have you considered getting an appointment with a gastroenterologist?