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Supplement combination/effectiveness

Neuropathy | Last Active: Apr 19, 2021 | Replies (82)

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@rwinney I will also ask Dr. about the Lidocaine infusions. I thought you said they did not help you? I did find a study on them which does not have a date. It is about Lidocaine and Ketamine infusions You can Google it below. They did use IM not IV but they explain why. Good technical info. I am about ready to try anything…I just do not want to take the drugs with side effects…Pam

Intravenous Therapies in the Management of
Neuropathic Pain: A Review on the Use of
Ketamine and Lidocaine in
Chronic Pain Management
Harsha Shanthanna
McMaster University, Michael DeGroote School of Medicine

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Replies to "@rwinney I will also ask Dr. about the Lidocaine infusions. I thought you said they did..."

Hi Pam

After not receiving as much relief as I had hoped in over 3 months, I became very frustrated and decided to skip a weekly infusion to better gage the relief and my progression of the disease. It was a miserable (more than usual) week and proved to be a valuable lesson of learning. I'm back to the grind on 2nd to last highest dose and feel I receive 20-40% pain relief, given the day. It is a complimentary piece to my overall pain protocol… until I feel its not doing enough or im ready to try something new. Ive come to realize looking for perfection when perfection doesn't exist has been an eye opener with SFN. Also, for me personsally, I experience pain, burning etc… through my head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, hips, legs and feet. Thank you for the link. I will see if I've read it before or not. Have not forgotten my protocol, will get to you soon. Hope your day is tolerable.


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