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Supplement combination/effectiveness

Neuropathy | Last Active: Apr 19, 2021 | Replies (82)

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By the way, your PEA info was helpful to me. I read the goal is to take oral and topical cream. Are you using both?

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Oral only, 400 mg capsules with each meal, took longer than typically predicted but I felt it really helped, now 'somewhat,

@burningfeetinphoenix here…I am taking 1,200 mg PEA, 400 mg, 3 times/day. Also using PEA cream 2 percent, 3 times/day. I am much better! Very little burning. However, now that I can wear shoes again and hike. my calluses are splitting open,. These developed over years of running and hiking, and they burn. This I believe is common with SFN. I lost a large # of sweat glands in my feet. Sweat aids in healing. Using Castor Oil wraps for this…looking for new shoes. Mostly a problem on uneven terrain. Once this experiment is over I will try compounded Phentyloin 10 percent topical…studies look good on this being effective. Will keep you posted…hope PEA does not stop working for now…tied of spending time focusing on my feet…cannot get much else accomplished. Pam