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Hi @amytro! I am amazed at all that your are able to do after 3 months. I would not "freak out." It sounds to me that you may be doing too much too soon, but you should ask your doctor about that. The one suggestion that I would make about exercising, would be to try a low impact water class. I did that after my first TKR and right before my my second one. It was much nicer because the water took the pressure off of the joints. I am hoping to be able to go back to my low impact water classes as soon as my knee is ready.

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Thanks for your reply. I was in good shape pre-surgery and I am a long distance biker so the rides seemed comfortable.My knees still feel a little strange in water so biking is the low impact exercise of choice. I might have torqued my knee doing exercise or even a rapid movement on the bike. Ironically, biking feels better than walking to me. The X-rays didn't show any damage to the appliance- yeah- but not knowing what it is bothers me. Let's just hope it goes away. I just landed at my vacation destination with my bicycle, so we'll see how I do this week! Thank you!

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