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@amytro – I know it must be terribly scary to have that kind of pain after doing so well for an extended period of time. If I understand correctly, you have just returned to cycling in the last few weeks and for a week you have had the serious pain with walking. The proximity in time certainly would suggest that the two are linked, but of course, I'm no doctor and I'm very glad to hear you are seeing your doctor tomorrow. I'm wishing you the best and hope you will check back in and let me know how things went. Beforehand though, I would suggest that you make a timeline including things like when you last did formal PT, when you started aerobics, when you started cycling, when the pain started, etc. etc. This would probably help the doctor pull everything together. Are you still taking any pain meds? Also, your bicycle rides do sound demanding… do you ice afterwards or do anything to help the knees recover from the stress?

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Thanks, Debbra. You're always so helpful. The x-rays didn't show any damage and their is a coinciding of the increased exercise and the pain. So I do think they're related. I do ice afterward and honestly, the distance feels easy to me since cycling has been my thing for decades. I may have torqued it somehow even with gentle exercise. They put me back on tramadol as needed and I'm going back to my PT exercises for strengthening as well. It's so disheartening to have made such progress and then have a set back. I was always one to "go hard" so I think I'm going to have to temper my expectations. At least another surgery is ruled out- that was my biggest freak out!! Thank you again!

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