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Thank you, @debbraw and @contentandwell. I had my pre-surgery appointment Thursday and apparently since I have a husband at home as my caretaker, that is good enough for me to not have in-home PT. Since we live in the country, there isn't anyone around much closer. Ended up opting for the complex where my doctor's office is — even though about 5-10 minutes further — since I was told that if PT had a question, he could call in the doc or one of his colleagues.

Got a new worry! When being shown by pre-op PT how I would have to sit down/get up afterwards — keep operated hip leg straight while bending and putting extra pressure on my very arthritic opposite knee — started getting a lot more discomfort in that knee than normal. Anyone else end up stressing an opposite problem joint during recovery? Wondering if putting an ace bandage or something would support it during recovery.

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@mamie as long as you and your doctor are comfortable with the PT you are arranging, that’s what matters. Home PT gives you a head start but if that’s not possible and you have been given instructions for exercises that your husband can help with I’m sure you will do fine.
When I had my TKRs I did not have that problem of the other leg not being much help. I’m sure there are people on here though that have been through the same. I would think an inexpensive elasticized brace from a drug store might help. I used one when my knee was bad prior to my first TKR and it did help a little.

I live in Canada, and was sent home with a book of exercises for first six weeks to do at home, Gehenna had checkup with surgeon and saw a physio for 5 min! He gave me second set of exercises, and no further follow up. I and a year post TKR, and doing more walking and recumbent bike, but still get very sore with stairs and housework. My other knee is very arthritic, kneecap displaced and bone on bone, but surgeon said” come back in a year. As long as you aren’t using cane or walker you are doing fine” So on I chug!I hear what you are saying about your other knee, the same is happening with me. I can’t get a brace that works over the kneecap etc, so just keep doing what I. An. I am envious of you folks who have physio. I may have to seek one out

Hi @mamie – As I said, I haven't had hip surgery, just knees, but I know for sure that asking one limb to carry the lion's share of the work can throw all manner of things out of whack. In fact, after my first TKR, my doctor thought I might be able to get 2 or 3 years out of the other knee since it was not having to do all the work anymore. I like JK's idea of a brace. Anything you can do to help the stronger leg will be positive. Will you be using a walker at first? I would think you might be able to use it to push up. Did the therapist say anything about that?