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Hi @mamie – I have not had a hip replacement but have had two knee replacements. In both cases my orthopedic surgeon started PT in the hospital and continued immediately upon release from the hospital. However, he ordered in-home PT until I was able to drive.. which was 2 or 3 weeks. Again, I can't speak to what is normal PT for hip replacement. I wonder if you could ask your doctor about changing your orders to in-home therapy – especially since you are so far away?

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@debbraw I believe. but I could be wrong, that in-house PT is just paid for by Medicare, although that would also depend on your insurance. It is only paid for, for as long as you are home-bound. Once you can get out you are expected to go to outpatient PT.

@mamie Whether it be in-house or outpatient PT, can't you be given PT orders and have them done by a therapist closer to home? I had my TKRs in Boston, which is about an hour away with no traffic. My Pt was done up here in southern NH though.