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Pneumococcal Vaccinations against pneumonia

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Oct 1, 2019 | Replies (38)

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Hi, Alleycatkate and Windwalker and everyone else.

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I hope this is the right way to post this.Anyway, I saw my pulmonologist yesterday. I really really like him. He told me my nodules had mildly improved which he had told me before.
He said MAC never goes away. That's what he thinks, Kate. He says MAC progresses very
slowly. I am doing well…85, walking two miles a day, short of breath and fatigue but
that's it. If I get sick with the chills, fever, weight loss, etc., he would refer me to a
infectious disease doctor. He suggested a breathing rehab clinic his practice has but I
declined. He then gave me an inhaler to be used once a day. But when I got home
and looked up the side effects it can cause glaucumo. So being the smart ass/bad
Scot/Irish patient that I am, I am not going to use it. I ordered a spirometer instead. Thank you
so much for that tip Kate. I will use it diligently. I will also get NAC.
My doctor and I laughed a lot and I return in two months. But honesty I think my
sympathy plays are not going to work much anymore. I am doing great and I
wish that for all of you. Elizabeth